How to shop for your wedding dresses online like a Pro?

I know what brings you to this page, if you are looking at the engagement ring on your finger then you know what I am talking about. Congrats on such a thrilling and fun moment!

There are so many things to consider during wedding planning: flowers, location, guest list, registry, and, of course, the wedding dress. With selecting a gown a major task to cross off your list, several questions arise: When do you begin finding your dream wedding dress? Where do you go to get those gowns? How much should you spend on your wedding gown? What form will suit your body type the best? What is the procedure for sizing wedding gowns? It can be quite a process but we've got you covered today in our wedding dress shopping guide.

Shopping for Wedding Dresses online opens up your choices for dress hunting. In a physical brick-and-mortar store, you are likely to be restrained by the limitations of the four walls. But the internet is almost possible for you to get access to bridal-wear designers and retailers all around the world. You can save time and energy to make appointments with local bridal salons. But kindly note that you will need to do your homework if you decide to shop online for the most important attire in your life. If you feel a little overwhelmed at where to start or can not keep a clear head, do not worry. This is your stage of fun and exploration as a bride-to-be. Buying wedding dresses online is convenient because you can enjoy the comfort of your own sofa when browsing different sites you dig out from your laptop or iPhone. You can also share pictures and videos easily with your friends for advice. Consider this online wedding dress shopping guide and get ready to be a well-informed customer.  


Going wedding dress shopping means different things to different people. Some ladies prepare their wedding dresses six months or a year before the big day while some perform last-minute shopping. Whether you are getting married in the hot summer or planning a winter bridal soiree, set a date so you can find a gown that's appropriate for the season. A light and airy chiffon gown in warmer weather, while heavier satin or taffeta fabrics are best for colder temps.   

Mostly turnaround time for online wedding dress shopping will be less than one month. Therefore the timeline of the wedding planning could be shortened greatly compared to the whole processing time which will be 4-6 months if you do business with a local bridal salon.

According to Google Search Trends, most brides-to-be tend to have a late spring or summer wedding, so the appropriate time to search for the dream dress begins during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. This information will help you if you set a date during a very busy season (January to March) for online wedding dress suppliers. Shop early but do not shop too early.

Check the return policy with the e-boutiques in case there is a need for a return or exchange. Make sure to leave extra time so you do not have to be in a panic if you find the first dress from the seller does not fit.


Your wedding venue has a big role to play when shopping for a wedding dress because your whole bridal look should complement your venue.

For instance, a mermaid gown with sparkle beading details would suit an indoor venue like a glamorous ballroom, while a simple, flowy A-line dress would be the best choice for “I dos” on a sandy beach against the ocean breeze. If you would love to show off your cowgirl boot for a country wedding at a barn or farmhouse you definitely will try a high-low vintage lace wedding dress. Wanna be a boho bride? Go to deserts, go greenhouses, woodland, or just your backyard.

We strongly advise you to talk to brides around you, particularly ones who were married somewhere similar to yours. Learn about their creative ideas and check their wedding photos, you will get a picture of yours. When choosing a dress, take your time, talk to friends, and wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident about. However, if it doesn't fully fit the venue, you should prioritize what you love as long as you like it.

How Much

Once you decide to shop online for your wedding dress, you will save a considerable amount of dollars. Always put down a number and stick to it before you start exploring online so that everything will be under control.  

You may be amazed at how frequently online merchants do their promotions and deals! You may browse a similar style from different online stores from the comfort of your sofa for a far greater range of designer wedding gowns and apparel, in addition to being affordable and handy. Shopping online gives you access to a wide variety of styles and designers that are difficult to get in a physical store. More and more individuals are deciding to purchase bridesmaid dresses, mother brides/groom dresses as well as their wedding dresses online since most online sellers will have a combo sale on orders with different types of dresses.

Pro tips: Do not forget the following costs when calculating your total wedding dress budget: 

Cost of alterations. Wedding dress alterations cost $150 to &650 on an average basis, with most brides spending approx $ 450 USD. The Hemming fee would cost $70 to $280 so be very careful when picking the size if it is a full-length one.

Alterations sometimes will cost more than what you pay for the dress online. If you are not expecting this surprise cost, please move on to read through the sizing part of the guide.

Veils, shoes, and accessories. Check if the online store you will do business with also has all the things above to complete the look of your dream dress. You will save dollars if you buy all the stuff in one place. If you can not find something to your taste in the same store you may try your luck on Amazon or Etsy.

Many brides-to-be fail to factor the price of these extras into their spending plan and end up going over it.


When you shop online, you will lose the chance of having consultants from local bridal salons to have small talks on your favorite wedding gown styles. Do some research on the types of necklines, sleeves, silhouettes, trains, and fabrics you like, and you will become more concentrated on the dream dress you are looking for. Websites with navigation bars and filters will help you locate the styles easily.  

Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful places to start gathering ideas, and once you've narrowed down your favorite designs, you'll definitely notice one or more trends show up. Again, unless you try anything on, it's difficult to know precisely what you'll wind up with, but it will give you a basic feel of the vibe you're going for. Here comes a tip you may walk into some bridal stores and try on wedding dresses of all basic silhouettes, ball gown, A-line, Trumpet&mermaid, and sheath, especially the similar ones compared to the ones you found online. If you do not know what to start simply go with A-line which suits almost all body types.

You can also discuss the interesting parts you like particularly on the wedding dress you tried on in a physical store and see if the online seller can do the same thing. Some made-to-order online businesses are willing to create a new style combining the current design and the ideas of their lovely customers. 


The size charts for bridal wear DO NOT correspond to the size charts for everyday clothing or street sizes, they also vary from designer to designer and store to store. So don't expect size consistency. If the customer support’s advice surprises you, you can go to the size chart page to check for yourself. It's doubtful that your measurements will exactly match the table. The idea of a size chart is to help order the dress as near to the proper size as possible and then make adjustments to fit precisely.

Ask a seamstress and she will always tell you to order a size up instead of ordering a size smaller. Almost any dress can be altered smaller but few could be let out an entire size up. Brides-to-be are expecting them in a perfect body shape condition on their big day and tend to anticipate a weight-losing program easily. Nothing could top the stress of a bride’s will to be more confident and look her best. We understand it totally! A kind piece of advice is that pick a wedding gown with a corset/lace-up back to help you adjust without any trouble.

Be careful when getting measured at home since it is impossible to get accurate full-body measurements all by yourself. Firstly go get a soft measure tape then check to measure guide videos online, and have a friend or a family member take the measurements step by step. If it is convenient to get measured at a local tailor’s it will be highly recommended.

After obtaining your body measurements and you find that your size sits in between two standard sizes on a table. Do not get mad! Order both sizes if the site offers an easy return policy and keeps the one that fits the most. If it is not the case order the larger size as indicated earlier in this guide.

However, if your size is far off any size they offered. You need to consider ordering in custom size. For custom-made wedding gowns ordered online, not only can customers change the measurements, but also can change the neckline, sleeves, length of the skirt, etc. Just bear in mind that all customized items are final for most of the stores, whether it is a physical store or an online store.  

You finally placed your order online, and you will be given a rough delivery date. When you purchase your items, the delivery date should be indicated in your order summary. It's a good idea to designate a deadline beyond which delivery is no longer acceptable. Check if the online seller has rush service if you are on a tight schedule. Call or email the seller a few days ahead of the deadline to see if your order will be delivered by then, and you can make arrangements if something unexpected happened to the tailoring or the shipment.

Do not be afraid that you will miss the say YES to the dress part by ordering online. When your dress comes, throw a viewing party for your maids, parents, and anybody else you invite to your personal bridal appointment. Pour some champagne, put on your wedding gown, and we bet you'll still make them cry.