A Summer Wedding Guide


A summer wedding offers numerous opportunities to embrace the season on your special day, whether you tie the knot in late June, July, August, or late September. 

You can take advantage of the warm weather by hosting your festivities outdoors, indulging in seasonal treats like ice cream or watermelon, or even exchanging vows on the beach. It's no wonder why many couples opt for a summer wedding.

To make your warm-weather event unforgettable, consider incorporating seasonal details into your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. 

Start with the basics by choosing an outdoor wedding venue and utilizing summery colors and lighting. However, it's also essential to prioritize your guests' comfort by providing ideas that can help them beat the heat, ward off mosquitoes, and avoid other summer nuisances.

Whether it's adding practical décor suggestions or giving practical advice, this list has everything you need to plan a perfect summer wedding. With all the inspiration at your disposal, your nuptials will feel like the ultimate summer vacation for your celebrants. So, before you start planning your summer wedding, take a look at the ideas ahead and get inspired.

Summer Weddings? Yes or No?

77a3b450-be48-4669-9f7d-69ef98a2224e.jpgSummer weddings can be both exciting and challenging, with their own set of pros and cons.

One of the biggest advantages of a summer wedding is the typically beautiful weather, which can make for stunning outdoor venues and plenty of sunshine.

Additionally, with fewer holidays to work around, summer weekends can be a popular choice for weddings. Guests may also be more willing and able to attend, with the excitement of summer travel and vacation season.

However, there are also some potential downsides to consider. With summer being such a popular time for weddings, venues, and vendors may up their prices, making it more difficult to stick to a budget.

Similarly, destination wedding and honeymoon prices may also be at their peak during the summer months, making it harder to plan and book these events.

Additionally, with so many couples vying for the same venues and vendors, it's important to book well in advance to secure your top choices.

Overall, summer weddings can be a wonderful choice for couples who plan ahead and are willing to navigate some of the potential challenges.


Summer Wedding Dress

Choosing the right wedding dress for a summer wedding is not only about staying cool, but it's also about finding a style that complements the season's bright and airy ambiance.

Aside from shorter hemlines and lightweight fabrics, there are other key features to consider when selecting a summer wedding dress.

For instance, dresses with delicate floral appliques or embroidered details can add a touch of whimsy and romance to the overall look, while also embracing the natural beauty of the season. Another factor to keep in mind is the location of the wedding.

For a beach or garden wedding, brides may want to consider dresses with flowy silhouettes or ethereal layers that move with the breeze.

On the other hand, a more formal wedding may require a structured dress with clean lines and classic details.

The key to choosing the perfect summer wedding dress is to prioritize the bride's personal style and preferences. Whether she opts for a trendy off-the-shoulder design or a classic ballgown, the dress should make her feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident on her special day.


Summer Color Palette

The color palette for a summer wedding is versatile and allows for a wide range of options.

Unlike other seasons that have specific color schemes, summer's bright and sunny days complement almost any color. While many summer weddings feature bold and vibrant hues, deeper shades like blues, grays, and even black can also work well.

Don't be afraid to experiment with unique color combinations to make your wedding truly stand out.

One popular color combination that screams summer is pink and orange. This Splendid Events centerpiece is a great example of incorporating these seasonal colors.

Taking inspiration from professional florists and incorporating these colors into your floral arrangements is a fantastic way to bring a touch of summer to your wedding.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Comfort should be a top priority when it comes to dressing your bridal party. If you're planning a summer wedding in a location like the Deep South where temperatures can soar, it's essential to keep your bridesmaids and groomsmen cool and comfortable. 

Consider shorter dresses or lighter fabrics such as chiffon or charmeuse for your bridesmaids to ensure they don't get buried under layers of fabric and accessories.

To prevent sweat overload before the ceremony, groomsmen should opt for lighter suit jackets and vests or skip them altogether. Several hot-weather-friendly styles are available, including khaki suits, rolled-up sleeves, suspenders, and even shorts and flip-flops. 

It's crucial to choose a look that not only keeps the groomsmen comfortable but also complements the wedding's overall aesthetic.

taylor-gray-NKiHrTs_u9c-unsplash (1) (1).jpg

Grab What’s in Season for Summer

Purchasing food and flowers that are in season can offer multiple benefits. 

Firstly, they are at their peak of supply, resulting in lower costs. Additionally, locally grown produce does not require long-distance transportation, which reduces carbon emissions. 

This is a win-win situation where you can save money and contribute towards sustainable living.

Summer Wedding Food:

Summer is a peak harvesting season for fruits and vegetables. 

Hence, it's an excellent time to add colorful and fresh produce to your menu. You can find a wide range of vegetables in season, including green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peas, and corn. Similarly, fruits like melons, peaches, plums, raspberries, and blackberries are also at their juiciest in the summer months. 

The abundance of seasonal produce can lead to lower prices, which is particularly great if you're planning a farm-to-table wedding.

Summer Wedding Flowers:

Looking for the perfect summer wedding flowers? Look no further! Here are some of our top picks:

  • Sunflowers: This classic flower is the epitome of summer. Its bright yellow hue adds a pop of color to any bouquet.

  • Hydrangeas: These fluffy blossoms are a summer staple and come in a variety of pretty colors.

  • Calla Lilies: Bundling these elegant flowers together in a bouquet is a sure way to make a statement, and add a touch of sophistication to any summer arrangement.

  • Amaranthus: This rope-like accent flower is a versatile choice that suits any style, whether you're aiming for a boho, beachy, or more formal vibe. With a range of colors from deep reds to fresh greens, it's sure to complement your wedding's theme perfectly.

  • Succulents: Cacti and aloe are perfect for adding a unique touch to your summer wedding flowers.

  • Eucalyptus: This floral trend is perfect year-round, and its fragrant leaves add a refreshing touch to any bouquet or arrangement.

Pro Tip: Since some flowers are more prone to wilting in the summer heat than others, be sure to double-check with your florist before committing to any one flower or greenery.


Summer Catering Ideas

Looking for summer event ideas that go beyond the traditional salad bar? Don't limit yourself to plant-based options. With a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, and seafood available, there are countless ways to showcase the flavors of the season.

Consider incorporating your personal favorites into lighter versions of classic dishes, or try something new with fun, non-traditional options like tapas, a taco bar, or barbecue. And don't forget to cool your guests down with a summer-inspired dessert, such as wine-flavored sorbet, ice cream, or frozen treats like snow cones, granita, or gelato.

For a classic touch, cobbler or pie are always crowd-pleasers. With so many options available, let your creativity run wild and make your event unforgettable.


Summer Wedding Cake

670e4191-6aaa-4240-9b63-1cf57925cee9.jpgIf you're looking for a lighter and more refreshing cake, consider trying flavors like lemon, raspberry, or coconut instead of the rich and heavy taste of chocolate. 

Of course, if chocolate is your thing, go ahead and indulge! If you're not a fan of the popular plain cake look, you can experiment with frostings that bring out flavors like cherry fruit, coconut, or vanilla. 

To make your cake stand out, try incorporating decorative elements like sprigs of lavender or rosemary, gold leaf, or a pretty ombré pattern. 

A trendy choice that we love is to use colorful brush strokes and bright flowers. You could even collaborate with your florist and baker to match your cake with your bouquet if you have one. Ultimately, your wedding cake should reflect your unique personality and preferences.

Summer Wedding Favors Ideasthe-hk-photo-company-IUfNBVHnJ88-unsplash (1).jpgOffer your guests a variety of personalized summer wedding favors to make their experience memorable. Consider providing customized hand fans to keep them cool or neon-colored sunglasses to shield their eyes from the sun's glare. You can also take advantage of Old Navy's $1 Flip-Flop Sale to purchase affordable sandals for your guests to change into when their feet get tired. Other thoughtful options include mini bottles of rosé, small potted succulents, homemade jam, and travel-sized bottles of sunscreen with a custom label. For a more budget-friendly choice, fresh seasonal fruit can also be a refreshing and tasty option for your guests to enjoy.


Summer weddings are a popular choice for many couples and for good reasons! The warm weather and longer days provide a beautiful backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Overall, summer weddings can be a wonderful and memorable experience, but it's important for couples to carefully consider the logistics and plan accordingly to ensure that everyone has a great time.